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Did You Know?

During our case studies, we used Hopfu's presentation platform from stage and it successfuly engaged and converted 68-82% of the audience into leads!

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How does Hopfu work?

Understanding our easy to use process


1. Setup Your Account

Start your 14 Day Free Trial
and choose a phone number


2. Create a bot or presentation

Use our drag and drop interface to create your first bot or interactive presentation


3. Share your bot or presentation

Once everything is setup, all that is left is to share it and watch the leads roll in!

How can you use Hopfu?

These are the areas SMS marketing is awesome


Automate Selling From Stage Or Mid-Webinar

Have you ever wish you could close sales from stage or mid-webinar?

Now you can!

Create an interactive presentation and automated bot sequence with Hopfu and direct leads to purchase while you're still speaking!

See Pricing & FAQ

  • Perfect for networking at events

    Tell people to text your bot's phone number and have it automatically send all of your contact information and details about your business, products, or services automatically!

  • Automating support channels

    We found that with adults 25 and younger prefer to text in versus call in for support, take advantage of this by using Hopfu to automate the support process!

  • Webinar, Purchase, and Shipping Reminders

    Over 80% of all text messages are opened within 15 minutes of being sent, take advantage of this to increase webinar or event attendance or to create shipping or purchase reminders!


Perfect For Holiday Promotions & Flash Sales

The holidays are just around the corner and Hopfu can help you broadcast black friday promotions, flash sales, and more!

See Pricing & FAQ


What makes Hopfu so useful?

Automate SMS Marketing

Use our bot builder to automate support or sales channels, outreach campaigns, list building, and more

Create Interactive Presentations

Use our drag and drop editor to create interactive presentations for your next webinar or stage presentation

SMS Broadcasts

Send out mass SMS broadcasts to your customers to alert them of any new product releases, sales, or time sensitive promotions


Commonly asked questions

  • What are bots?

    Think of bots like employees, once you train them, they keep doing the task for you! Making you money, helping customers, or generating leads!

  • Is a bot difficult to setup?

    Normally yes, but not with our drag and drop editor, we make it easy to build bots without having to understanding code!

  • Can I download a list of people my bot talks to?

    Absolutely! We have a one click export feature that makes it easy to download and import into your favorite CRM!

  • Do you have an API?

    We are still in beta, but once we have ironed out our core platform we plan on releasing it ASAP as well as a Zapier integration!

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Only $19.95 + Pay As You Go!

$19.95Per Month
  • Unlimited Kewyords
  • Unlimited Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited Customizable Bots
  • $0.02 Per Text Message

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